"Starting life over after losing everything"

Starting life over after losing everything
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  • Losing everything and starting again!

Steven Jackson

Losing everything and starting again is not something that happens overnight it is a process of stops and starts until we succeed

I remember that life in my early years being happy and content. My mother worked for the local housing office and my father worked in the local power station as a Project engineer. We always had nice gifts for Christmas and there was always food on the table. I don't recall a situation when we were hungry and my parents were married until my father died a few years ago.

On the other hand, school was not so good. I was not a great pupil, but I managed to scrape through with passes and unbelievably gained an apprenticeship in metalwork for a local company.

Having a trade gave me the money to have a comfortable life but sometimes that is not enough when a countries economic situation changes for the worse.

How to start over with nothing

After a few years of being married, having a child together and enjoying a quite a successful middle classed lifestyle, over the period of a year things went really bad. Unemployment was high and the general lack of work opportunities was becoming an issue so we sold everything and move to a small house in the countryside with a suitcase each and very little money in our pockets.

At the start, life was difficult, I couldn't find a job and money was really short. However, slowly we purchased a bed for us, a kitchen table and chairs which made everything slightly more homely and my wife was working so we were bring in some extra money. Overtime, we managed to make the place our home and I have to say that I felt a sense of achievement.

We had arrived with nothing and somehow we made things work, which seemed like a turning point for me.

Losing everything and starting again

The turning point

It became apparent to me that I personally could not continue being the house husband and child carer while my wife worked, even though I quite enjoyed seeing my daughter grow up and being at home when she returned from school.

To rectify this situation, one quiet Monday morning when everyone was gone, I made my action plan with the goal to start my own business.

Taken action and achieving personal life goals had create a feeling that anything was possible, anything could be achieved if only I had a vehicle that would give me the income and freedom I desired.

How to start over with nothing

An alternative to getting money to start a business

Trying to find money for a business was going to be tough, our assets were small and I couldn't see the bank offering my wife and myself a loan.

However, one option that came to mind was running a home based business. I had looked at MLM many years before when my wife had been quite successful in a network marketing business. I had some knowledge and I felt that I really could be successful, regardless of type of business or product.

The main reason I like the idea of network marketing was because it was affordable, I could work while I learnt and I could do it from home while I was working at a regular job or not as the case may be. So, searching the internet I researched many different business opportunities from tech products, weight loss products and wellness products until I found the company I thought could work for me.

The characteristic I was looking for was:

  • Low startup cost or nothing
  • Free webshop and marketing tools
  • Free online admin
  • No monthly fee
  • A small enough product that would travel easily
  • And the possibility to run the business online from anywhere where there is the internet
Finally, after weeks of researching I found the company that completed my bucket list and gave me the opportunity to run my own business. The company was called Doterra which is a essential oils and related products company that has been very successful over the last few years. Catalog available below:

Download the free Doterra product guide on the button below:

How to start a new life with nothing

Learning how to start a new life from scratch takes more than just buying a business

Before I even join any home based business I felt that I needed to know where I was going and how was I going to get there, so again I waited for a quiet time and set out my plan. Details below:

Taken action
  • Join a business (The company was called Doterra) ✓
  • The Doterra business is 35$ / 20€ / £20 (I couldn't find anything for free that would give me the income I wanted)
  • Teach myself internet marketing, web page development and anything else needed in network marketing (Self taught) ✓
  • Create a system that enrolls new consultant automatically (Blog marketing and landing page marketing) ✓
  • Create a system that sales the products automatically (Blog marketing and landing page marketing) ✓
  • Create a system that emails my warm leads automatically (Email auto reply system) ✓
Set Goals
  • Make enough to pay off loans and support the family ✓
  • Make enough money to relocate in 4 - 5 years
Make a plan
  • Enroll 20 consultants a month ✓
  • Help, Develop and Support 4 leader towards their own success ✓
  • Gain high leaderships rank for myself ✓
  • Gain a high income ✓
Work on my business everyday
  • 4 to 6 hours a day ✓
  • 1 to 2 hours on weekends (More if needed) ✓
How to start over in life with no money

The journey towards starting over a new life

I feel after losing everything and starting again I have satisfactory achieved the goals I was aiming for, but I still feel I need to do something to push up the pace.

The ability to make life choices and starting over a new life irrespective of what that maybe is a powerful motivator. However, returning to the true aspect of what makes us successful against failure, is simply that point in time when we physically and psychologically take action and choose to be successful.

I don't believe my journey will be ever over, because there will always be something to achieve or aim for in life but that is how life should be.

If you believe that starting life over after losing everything is a plan that you want to achieve start by becoming a Doterra distributor by enrolling below:

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