Is starting life over after losing everything the key to success?

Is starting life over after losing everything the key to success?

Losing everything and starting again is not something that happens overnight, it is a downward spiral that happens when we least expect it

Starting life over after losing everything

Who is Steve Jackson

Who is Steve Jackson?

My name is Steve Jackson and this is my story of how I lost everything and found myself in running a network marketing business. My journey was not easy or even that enjoyable at the start, but ultimately the most existing experience in my life. If you would like to learn how to start over with nothing in network marketing, click on the learn more button on this page.

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The beginning starting life over after losing everything

I remember that life in my early years being happy and content. My mother worked for the local housing office and my father worked in the local power station as a Project engineer. We always had nice gifts for Christmas and there was always food on the table. I don't recall a situation when we were hungry and my parents were married until my father died a few years ago.

On the other hand, school was not so good. I was not a great pupil, but I managed to scrape through with passes and unbelievably gained an apprenticeship in metalwork for a local company.

Having a trade gave me the money to have a comfortable life but sometimes that is not enough when a countries economic situation changes for the worse.

However, being single the pressure to provide was not really there. The only person one needs to care about is oneself, though the taboo of being unemployed and short of cash all the time is something that our pride can only stand for a short time.

As a young person we want to be able to achieve success if not for ourselves, for our friends and family, so to some extents this is a culture imperative to aspire to the standards of our peers. However, as I found out in my later year bouncing back is a lot harder when we have our own family to care and provide for. This is when we truly need to succeed after losing everything and starting again, because if we do not everything will be lost including everything we love so dearly.

How to start over with nothing

How to start over with nothing and be the best you can be?

A few years later I met my wife on a trip to Rome. We have a whirlwind romance and was married within nine months of meeting each other. Life was great, we only had ourselves to worry about and so we travelled, partied and simply enjoyed life.

After a few years of being married, we had a little girl and decided to settle down. We were enjoying a quite a successful middle classed lifestyle, however over the period of a year things went bad. Unemployment was high and the general lack of work opportunities was becoming an issue, so we sold everything and move to a small house in the countryside with a suitcase each and very little money in our pockets.

At the start, life was difficult. I couldn't find a job and money was short. However, slowly we purchased a bed for us, a kitchen table and chairs which made everything slightly more homely and my wife was working so we were bring in some extra money. Overtime, we managed to make the place our home and I have to say that I felt a sense of achievement.

We had arrived with nothing and somehow, we made things work, which seemed like a turning point for me.

Losing everything and starting again

The turning point starting life over after losing everything

It became apparent to me that I personally could not continue being the house husband and child carer while my wife worked, even though I quite enjoyed seeing my daughter grow up and being at home when she returned from school.

To rectify this situation, one quiet Monday morning when everyone was gone, I made my action plan with the goal to start my own business

Taken action and achieving personal life goals had create a feeling that anything was possible, anything could be achieved if only I had a vehicle that would give me the income and freedom I desired.

When my wife returned home that evening, we had a long discussion and even though she was quite sceptical she agreed that I really needed to do something even if the was a outside chance that I would be successful. In retrospect her sceptical support has kept me leaved as well as wanting to prove to her that it was possible to be successful.

An alternative to getting money when starting life over after losing everything

Trying to find money for a business was going to be tough, our assets were small, and I couldn't see the bank offering my wife and I a loan. So, I understood from the very start that some creative thinking was going to be needed to get anything started from relatively NO money.

However, one option that came to mind was running a home-based business. I had looked at MLM many years before. My wife had been quite successful in a network marketing business some years ago which had a positive and negative aspect to our relationship. The problem was that she knew how difficult it was going to be and she fully understood what I was going to need to do.

I believed had some knowledge and I felt that I really could be successful, regardless of type of business or product. So, I set out a list of skill which I had developed over the years and tried to correlate it with a business. In addition, I had already made a conscious decision that I was not going to run a network marketing or home-based business the traditional way, because the internet was such an asset that I need to learn more and us it to the maximum.

How to start from nothing in network marketing?

The main reason I liked the idea of network marketing was because it was affordable, I could work while I learnt, and I could do it from home while I was working at a regular job or not as the case may be. So, searching the internet I researched many different business opportunities from tech products, weight loss products and wellness products until I found the company, I thought could work for me.

Best business characteristics

How to start over in life with no money

Low start-up cost or nothing

Keeping the amount of money, I wanted or could lay out onto a business was my main objective because extra expense was not something, I needed at the start of my business

How can I start a new life

Free webshop and marketing tools

Free in my opinion is good, but not all companies offer a free webshop / webpage or even marketing tools for your business, but some of the better ones do

How to start a business from nothing

No monthly fee

During my research there are many companies that expect a month fee of some kind simply to allow you to use the platform. Again, some of the better ones do not. Having an additional outlay is not good in the early stages of a business.


A small enough product

Having a large and weighty product is expensive in postage and during personal transporting, however small items are a great advantage if you are building a global business.

How much money do you start with in life

Run the business from anywhere

The ability to run your business will be an advantage in the future, business as your earnings grow your vision and destination will grow also

How to start a new life from scratch

Established company

Over established companies are in many ways as bad as start-ups, so finding a min-term company with a vast amount of growth possible in the future is a must.

Finally, after weeks of researching I found the company that completed my bucket list and gave me the opportunity to run my own business. They are a well-established company with a long track record going back to 2008 and offer products that people want to buy. In addition, they offer their representatives 25% off retail prices of all the products, reward points towards free products, free product of the month, a personal website that can be used to share the products and of course bonuses and compensations from your efforts.

Starting over a new life

How much does ability determine success in network marketing?

Before I even joined any home-based business, I felt that I needed to know where I was going and how was I going to get there, so again I waited for a quiet time and set out my plan. Years later I was asked by a friend who became a little interested in what I was doing after we had been on our fourth trip aboard that year. He asked, "Can anyone succeed in network marketing?" and after a short reflection on the question I said, "Well, I believe that anyone can, but not everyone wants to shoulder the scarifies needed to succeed"

To form the path towards success I would like to start with a great quote by my most inspirational influences, Gary Vaynerchuk who said, "When it all comes down to it, nothing trumps execution". Starting anything in life takes some form of action, however the prelude to “taken action” is then understanding and committing to the set goals and finally making the plan.

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How to succeed in life when you have nothing action plan

Below I have set out my personal action plan I used to in network marketing, as a very good friend I mind told me, "Without a plan you plan to fail", meaning simply we need a plan to succeed.

How to start a new life abroad with no money

Taken Action

  • Join a business
  • The price to get started was 35$ / 20€ / £20 (I couldn't find anything for free that would give me the income I wanted)
  • Teach myself internet marketing, web page development and anything else needed in network marketing (Self-taught)
  • Create a system that enrols new consultant automatically and let me take control of my lead generation (Blog marketing and landing page marketing)
  • Create a system that sales the products automatically (Blog marketing and landing page marketing)
  • Create a system that emails my warm leads automatically (Email auto reply system)
How to start over at 50 with no money

Set Goals

  • Make enough to pay off loans and support the family
  • Make enough money to relocate in 4 - 5 years
How to start a new life with no money

Make a plan

  • Enroll 20 consultants a month
  • Add 50 - 100 new prospects or customers to my warm leads list
  • Help, Develop and Support 4 leader towards their own success
  • Gain high leaderships rank for myself
  • Gain a high income
  • Work on my business everyday
  • Work 4 to 6 hours a day
  • Work 1 to 2 hours on weekends (More if needed)

My personal journey after losing everything and starting again

I feel starting over from ground zero has been a massive sacrifice in many ways. Evenings when I could be out with friends or sitting down with my wife and enjoying her company I have been working on a new blog or landing page or speaking to my team. However, I have satisfactory achieved the goals I was aiming for, but I still feel I need to do something more.

This is not a good or bad thing, but the main issue with starting any business is knowing when you have financially enough. Reaching back to my personal goals has helped be to see what my reasons to succeed in life were in the first place. Yes, I have of course succeeded in everything I wanted, but personal goals do have a habit of changing. Once I had achieved success it was not about the money anymore, it became about the people in my team and the relationships we had, how I was able to help and support them to success, my personal legacy as a leader in this industry and how I had changed as a person.

Collaboration to success

A very important aspect of being a leader is the ability to collaborate with others regardless if they are an up line or down line and even someone outside of his business.

In 2018, I begun working on an exciting project called "Do Essential Chat with Steve and Shari". It is a podcast that discusses everything from network marketing as well as how to start over with nothing. The main goal for the podcast was to educate while branding ourselves in the process, however it has become more than that. We have found that the podcasts have become as much an educational platform for ourselves as it is for our teams and listeners.

There has also become a spin-off called "Who is Steve Jackson" of the original "Do Essential Chat" podcast series. The main difference with "Who is Steve Jackson" is that I am concentrating on educating listeners on how to build a network marketing business almost exclusively online.

What successful people do in the morning

The landmarks in starting life over after losing everything

Above I have set out two of the key landmarks that I am proud of in the process of starting life over after losing everything, which is the podcasts. The main reason was it took me completely out of my comfort zone. Believe me now that the ability to make life choices irrespective of what that may be is a powerful motivator. However, returning to the true aspect of what makes us successful against failure, is simply that point in time when we physically and psychologically take action and choose to be successful. So, find out what successful people do in the morning and do the same.

I could sit you down and tell you that losing everything and starting again was more to do with my own inequities and the belief that I should be more than I am, which in my own demon. However, undauntedly social class, position in society and money are powerful motivators even if mostly absurd in the big picture of life.

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Journey of any successful entrepreneur

Is this the end of my journey?

I don't believe my journey will be ever over, because there will always be something to achieve or aim for in life, but that is how life should be. If I was not in network marketing, I would have other projects on the go, such as doing the garden or something else. OK I hate gardening, but you know what I mean, I would need to be doing something.

As a final word, I personally went through hell and back in my journey to success, but for other readings out there, you do not need to be in that situation where you are losing everything and starting again. I have always wished that I had started network marketing earlier and before things got bad, but regrets are like forcing your life into reverse gear.

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